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The Children’s Cottage is dedicated to building strong, resilient families through support services, respite programs and crisis nursery care. Since 1986, the Children's Cottage has supported more than 70,345 children from 47,820 families to become healthier and more resilient members of our community. There is a growing need for child and family support in our community and we want to ensure we have the space to do so. 

Giving Together

Help us double the space and resources available by providing your support for children and families in crisis. 

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Building Together

Serving 8859 more children than ever before

How will we do that?

The new Child and Family Centre will be a 35,000 sq. foot, three storey building located in Calgary’s NW community of Montgomery. Designed to enhance the Children’s Cottage’s current services it will include a:

20-bed Crisis Nursery
☑   Family Resource Centre
☑   Therapeutic Child Development Programs
☑   Parenting Skills Development Programs
☑   Support Services
☑   Mental Health Services
☑   Children’s Cottage’s Community Programs

Working Together

The Child and Family Centre will help children and families to receive support through a seamless and collaborative service delivery model where multiple agencies are in one location.

  • The new Child and Family Centre makes it possible for an innovative new model of support and program delivery to take place.
  • Multiple social service agencies will be able to help families in a building designed especially for this purpose.
  • A quicker response to families in crisis will create an opportunity to work with parents when they are more receptive to getting help.