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What is the Child and Family Centre?

The Child and Family Centre is a new facility to help children and families during times of crisis and provide resources and support to ensure safe children in healthy families. It will be the first Centre of its kind in Calgary.


Why do we need it?

We need the new Centre because the number of families in crisis in our community is growing. These crises impact children — physically, mentally and emotionally — and can have a lasting impact on their brain development and overall well being. Keeping children safe while families address their issues can change these outcomes, help families stay together, and create brighter futures.


Who will it help?

The new Child and Family Centre is a resource for children and families seeking support. All services are voluntary and offered at no cost to families.  It focuses on children’s current and future well-being through health promotion, primary prevention and early intervention.


Where is it located? Why this location?

The new Child and Family Centre will be located at 1804 Home Road NW in the community of Montgomery.

Currently, the Children’s Cottage has a Crisis Nursery in the northeast community of Bridgeland and operates Brenda’s House in southwest Calgary. The new Centre will be an additional resource in the northwest quadrant of the city and support families in the Bowness and Montgomery communities and beyond.


What will happen inside?

The Centre will contain a new 20-bed Crisis Nursery, Child Development and Child Health Programs for infants up to age four, indoor and outdoor play spaces for children at the Centre, a Family Resource Centre, Parenting Programs, Mental Health and Counselling space, and office and meeting spaces for Children’s Cottage staff and volunteers as well as for partner agencies working with Children’s Cottage to support children and families.


How much will it cost?

The Caring Together Campaign for the new Child and Family Centre is raising $23.5 Million dollars for this project. This represents $18 Million in funding to construct the new Centre and $5.5 Million in funding to support initial operations.


How is this Centre different from other services for children and families?

This new Centre will be the first of its kind in Calgary where multiple social service agencies will be present in one building to respond to the urgent needs of children and families in one space/location. Partner agencies will include the Calgary Counselling Centre, Calgary Urban Projects Society, Families Matter, and Stoney Nakoda First Nations, among others.


How will partners work together here? Why is this better?

Locating representation from multiple agencies in one building is better for children and families because at a time of crisis families are most motivated to make positive changes. By having help and support readily at hand, there is no delay in connecting parents with the services that will best help resolve their issues and keep their family together.


How big will the new Centre be?

The new Child and Family Centre will be 35,000 square feet over three storeys. There is also one level of underground parking beneath the building.


When will construction begin?

Our goal is to begin construction in spring 2021. This start date is dependent on successfully reaching our $18 goal for capital costs.