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Hold your own event or fundraiser

Community support is a major way the Children’s Cottage Society keep doors open to Calgarians who need it most. Holding an event in your organization, community or school in support of the Children’s Cottage Society is a great way to support Calgary’s vulnerable children and families!

Step 1: Decide on a way to support

Here are just a few exciting ways to get your community involved:



Shows and Sales

In the Worplace


Golf tournament

Art sales

Proceeds from product sales

Chilli Cook-off

Fun Run or Walk

Craft sales

Jean day at work

Easter egg hunt

Hockey game

Lemonade stand

Recycling drive



Car wash

Diaper or formula drive

Pancake breakfast

Game/sports days

Silent auction

Christmas parties

Valentine’s Day flower/candy grams

Cycling races

Garage sales

Employee annual donations

Birthday party in lieu of presents


Clothing sale

Days of Caring

Step 2: Get in touch

Contact us for more information, suggestions or help holding your event! We’re happy to assist in:

  • Designing posters
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Promoting your event on social media

Step 3: Learn about us

The Children’s Cottage Society has been a part of this city for over 30 years and has served over 64,000 children in crisis in our community. Learn about our programs, our impact and how our vision for a healthier, stronger children in Calgary is making a difference!

Step 4: Have fun!

Hosting a fundraiser or drive is a great way to  support Calgary’s children and families, but don't forget it's also an opportunity to have a great time with family, friends and community! Below are some quick tips for having a successful and fun event:

  1. Add some healthy competition
    Competition is a great way to build teamwork, sportsmanship and have a great time raising funds or items.
  2. Add prizes to the mix
    Though this isn’t a necessity, prizes like medals, gift cards or silent auctions often leads to higher donations and impact.
  3. Make it about more than dollars
    Awareness, in a lot of cases, is just as important as raising funds. Learning and teaching about the parents and children who use our services is also a great contribution to the community. Learn more about our programs and the Calgarians who use them. 
  4. Use social media to your advantage
    Social media is a great way to get the word out about your event or fundraiser, but also a great way to get the community involved in philanthropy and the Children’s Cottage.
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