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Meet our Volunteers

Jocelyn: Volunteer Baker at Brenda's House

Jocelyn has been bringing smiles to families at Brenda’s House shelter for homeless children and their families for 4 years. Every week, she spends four hours or more in the sunny kitchen of Brenda’s House baking up wonderful treats.

She bring her own recipes and works with whatever is available at in the kitchen. Today’s treats are banana-themed due to some ripe bananas: banana cake (for supper dessert), banana chocolate chip muffins (for snacks and freezing) and maybe some cookies “if there’s time.”

Jocelyn is retired (a former injury adjuster for an insurance company.) She chose Brenda’s House for her volunteer commitment because she knows what she does is appreciated and brings smiles to those who need one. She says with a laugh: There is only so much baking I can fit in my own deepfreeze. It’s so nice to be able to bake for someone else where you know it is needed and appreciated.”



Kerry: Volunteer Cook at the Crisis Nursery

Every day, children at the Crisis Nursery get home-cooked meals and snacks prepared on-site. Every second Friday afternoon, for the past five years, volunteer cook Kerry has been stepping in to help make supper. He also helps out at Brenda’s House for special occasions as well.

Tonight, it’s hamburgers, potato wedges, and salad for supper. Kerry is making the hamburgers and wedges and staff cook Vicki is making the salad. Kerry explains why he volunteers in this role: “I want to do my part the best way that I can. And I do that by cooking because I like to cook. I grew up in a single-parent family so I want to help out in any way that I can.”

As for why he chose the Crisis Nursery to volunteer, Kerry says: “I like coming here because the staff and volunteers are genuinely good people who want to do good. Everyone here loves kids. It’s a good place to volunteer because it’s appreciated.”