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Child and Family Services Available at the Children’s Cottage Society


The Crisis Nursery has reduced the number of children from 14 down to 6 as per Alberta Health regulations. These children (newborn to age 8 years) are In Care children or SACIS referred and community children that are high risk (not appropriate to remain at home). The Crisis Nursery staff will screen all children as per AHS screening guidelines for COVID-19 to ensure that they are healthy and show no symptoms.

Children who develop symptoms of the virus, an isolation room will be made available for that child, guardians notified, AHS notified and a plan of care established.

Families calling for help The Family Coaches and Intake Workers and overnight staff are available for 24/7 immediate phone support for families who are not able to have their children stay at the nursery. The Coaches will be available to families in the long term who were not able to access the Nursery to ensure they are coping well with parenting and are able to deal with the issue that brought them to call the Crisis Nursery.

Coaches can provide parenting support, child development support and referrals to community resources to families on their current caseload as well as new families who reach out to the Nursery for support. All meetings with parents will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

We have four family coaches available for family support. They can maintain a caseload of approximately 15 families. They can also provide phone/Zoom support as needed to all families who contact the Nursery during this time.

Families can receive support by calling (403) 233-2273


In-home infant respite workers are currently working remotely and offering phone support and resource connections to isolated families with children up to 6 months old. Our capacity is 20 to 25 families at any given time based on individual needs.

All meetings with parents will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Families can receive support by calling (403) 233-2273. A respite worker will be assigned.


This program continues to receive referrals from the AVIRT program at the Child Advocacy Centre. Four Family Life Coaches will provide support to 12 to 15 families at a time depending on complexity.  They will provide support with child-development, referrals to resources and basic needs and parenting support through phone and video calls

All meetings with parents will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Families must be referred by the Alberta Infant Response Team (AVIRT).

Families can receive support by calling (403) 233-2273


Brenda’s House is a 14 room homeless family shelter located in SW families. All families have their own private room with a bathroom. Brenda’s House remains open and able to accept families who do not currently have housing. We are able to house 14 families in private rooms and we have a structure in place that exceeds social distancing guidelines directed by AHS.

Families can call the intake line 403 242-8575 if they are currently homeless or are needing support to remain housed. Families will be required to answer AHS screening questions in order to determine if they can access shelter space. If they require isolation, we will work with the family to determine a safe solution.


These Case Management programs are available to families who are experiencing homelessness. Families must be referred through a shelter or through SORCE (403-617-4183 or 403-608-5559). Our Case Management programs provide ongoing support to families to help them build the social networks and skills needed to remain housed. They provide goal-setting support and resource connection.

All meetings with parents will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Families must be referred through the Community Assessment process and they can find out more by calling Brenda’s House. The number is 403 242-8575.


HomeBridge is a homelessness prevention program that can support families with one-time financial support along with coaching and connection to community resources in order to ensure that families remain in their own homes and can avoid a shelter stay.

HomeBridge can also work to divert families out of the shelter where appropriate.

Capacity in this program varies based on needs and resources.

All meetings with families will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Families who are experiencing housing instability and who are at risk of becoming homeless can

Call 403 242-8575 ext. 230 for coaching support and one-time financial assistance.


Families living in the West Calgary Family Resource Network Area are connected to a range of programs to meet basic needs and to be connected to a wide range of parenting and family support programs.

Families can receive support by calling (403) 233-2273


Referrals and resource connection support are available for families. This includes the connection to basic needs, parenting support and child development support. This support is available to all families with children aged 0 to 18.

There is no pre-determined capacity at this time.      

Support can be provided by phone or zoom meetings.

Families can contact our intake worker at or 403 830-3153.


Home Visitor support is available as a one-time support session (phone or ZOOM) or when permissible a weekly visit. Home Visitors can provide support related to child-development matters, referrals to resources, basic needs, and building caregiver capacity.

The capacity for each Home Visitor is approximately 15 to 18 families at any one time depending on the level of complexity. We have three Home Visitors working in the Calgary West Hub.

Okotoks Home Visitation and Cochrane Home Visitation. We are also able to provide this support in these two Hub locations We have one Home Visitor for the Okotoks Hub and one for the Cochrane Hub.   

Support can be provided by phone or zoom meetings

All inquiries or referrals must go through Hub Intake.  Please email or phone 403 830-3153.