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Wildfire Mental Health Resources for Families

Keeping families mentally safe

Published Monday, May 30, 2016

Our hearts go out to all those affected and our thanks to all that have helped! For any in need of our services here at the Children's Cottage Society, please call our Crisis Line: 403-233-CARE (2273)

Alberta isn't a stranger to natural disasters. From tornadoes to hailstorms, from foods to fires, Albertans have seen it all. Because of the recent Fort McMurray fires, many Alberta families had their lives turned on their heads. Evacuations, heartbreak and homelessness have touched the lives of most from the area.

Physical loss can be devastating, but the mental strain of all that's occurred in just a few weeks can affect the rest of victims' lives. Alberta Health Services has provided some resources for families affected by the fire to not only stay resilient, but also mentally healthy, too.