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Woman donates "Mother's Love" in form of unique quilt

Published Monday, September 12, 2016

Terry Kopperud, a talented quilter in our community, tells her story of how cast-off knit scarves made the perfect quilt to comfort little ones at the Crisis Nursery:

"My friend Renata’s mother, Gertrude, was a knitter and she loved to knit scarves for children. Unfortunately, Gertrude developed dementia and the scarves started to get more and more crooked and had more and more errors in the stitching. 

"Renata continued to receive the scarves and found that after her mother’s death they meant too much to her to throw them away or as she said "use them to polish shoes."  I offered to create a quilt with them to be donated to a place where children could continue to feel her mother’s love through the quilt.

"So this is a quilt made with much love. Gertrude’s love for children, Renata’s love for her mother and my love for my friend. May the love continue!"

Thank you to Terry and all of our supporters who donate to the Children's Cottage to make our little one's stay just that much brighter!