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Children's Cottage says goodbye to long-time friend, Jim Prentice

Published Friday, October 14, 2016

"Jim Prentice was a friend to vulnerable children and their parents who were in need of the Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery. Since 2002, Jim proudly spoke of how he supported the volunteer work of his daughter Cassia (long-time volunteer and now on the Board of Directors), who dedicated her time to help children staying at the Crisis Nursery. His philanthropic activity included the Jim Prentice-Stephen Ames Golf Tournament for Kids where the Children’s Cottage and many other charities benefited from his hope to make life better for those in need. Today, we celebrate the many contributions that Jim made to children in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. The Children’s Cottage Society offers our most sincere condolences and love to Karen, Christina, Cassia and Ryan, and Kate."

- Children's Cottage CEO, Patty Kilgallon

Patty, It was wonderful to come to the Children's Cottage and see Cassia's favourite place. Regards, Hon. Jim Prentice (2006)

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