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THEIR STORY: Meet 3-year-old Jonah

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meet Jonah. He is like the many children in our city who need your help. Life hasn’t always been easy for Jonah and his mom, but his story has a happy ending thanks to your support.

A few years ago, Jonah’s Mom and Dad were fighting a lot. Dad lost his temper one night and hurt mom. It was then that Jonah had his first sleepover at the Children's Cottage Crisis Nursery. He got to sleep in the Hockey Room, had good food to fill his tummy and learned to play hide and seek in the biggest playroom he had ever seen. He cried when he left, he was going to miss all the toys and new friends.

When Jonah got home from his sleepover, mom moved them to a new home where they’d be safe, but mom spent hours sleeping and crying. Mom became overwhelmed, so she reached out once again to the Children’s Cottage. Jonah came for more sleepovers at the Crisis Nursery while workers helped his mom get stronger for herself and for Jonah.

We are excited to say he is now an energetic, happy six year old who just started Grade 2. Jonah’s mom has gained the strength she needed to get through, and is now training to become a nurse. She says she’s incredibly grateful to the Children’s Cottage for believing in her and her little boy.