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THEIR STORY: Meet 5-year-old Abigail

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2016


When parents in crisis have no one else to turn to for help when they or a family member is in the hospital, they have us 24/7/365. Help a family like Abigail’s.

When Abigail was 5, her brother got really sick. Mom and Dad said his kidneys weren’t working and he was staying at the hospital until he could come home. Abigail missed him. Mom and Dad took her with them when they visited but she was scared of the machines. Her brother was always sleeping and the nurses wouldn’t let her play. It wasn’t fun at all.

That’s when Abigail came to the Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery. Mom and Dad said because she was such a good girl, that weekend she was going on a sleepover. She spent three whole days making crafts and cards for Mom, Dad and her brother. She made so many new friends and learned how to play Go Fish with the big kids.

When Abigail came home after her sleepover, Mom and Dad said her brother was coming home very soon. Over the weekend he had surgery to make him better and Mom and Dad spent the weekend making sure everything went right.

That was 15 years ago. Abigail is now a volunteer at the Crisis Nursery and helps little girls and boys just like her, who need love and care while their parents are in crisis.