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Children's Cottage named top charity in whole country!

Charity Intelligence releases 2016 Canadian Charity Impact Fund

Published Friday, December 9, 2016


Charity Intelligence recently released its 2016 Canadian Charity Impact Fund (CCIF) picks, which named the Children’s Cottage Society and three other Calgary charities as the most effective in the whole country!


Calgary Food Bank, Alberta
Children’s Cottage Society, Alberta
East York Learning Experience, Ontario
Food for Life, Ontario
Fort York Food Bank, Ontario
Fresh Start Recovery, Alberta
Inn From the Cold, Alberta
JUMP Math, Ontario
Pathways Clubhouse, BC
Youth Fusion, Quebec

Charity Intelligence picked the most effective Canadian charities by comparing the dollars donated to the number of successfully served people. The evidence shows these charities not only make a significant difference in the lives of Canadians, but are also the most effective at changing lives.

For example, if you donate $100 to a charity and it creates $200 worth of social value that is a good investment! If the charity can create $500 worth of value, that is even better. The CCIF contains 10 charities that, as a group, are likely to produce $1,100 in value from a $100 gift!

Last year, donors to the Canadian Charity Impact Fund created an additional $100 million of social value in Canada, simply by shifting the way they donate. The 10 charities chosen this year created an average of around $11 in social value per dollar donated last year, showing that extraordinary returns are possible!


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