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Thank you Shaw for your corporate match

Published Thursday, April 13, 2017

Many corporations in the city have a corporate donation matching system for employees who give generously to their favourite charities. Shaw Communications is one such company that collectively donated over $71,000 during the holidays to keeping children and families in our community safe and healthy with the Children`s Cottage Society!

Shaw Communications employees from the communications and marketing department donated a whopping $39,380, which Shaw matched at an incredible $32,114! Shaw Communications has been an crucial part of the Children`s Cottage Society since 1995. We are also lucky to be a part of their Birdies for Kids fundraiser with the Shaw Charity Classic, which raised over $32,000 last summer for our charity alone.

We can`t thank this amazing company and their awesome employees enough for their generosity! Thanks to organizations like Shaw Communications and their matching programs, we can continue to make children and families safer and healthier.

Ask your employer about matching gifts, and see your own donation go further than ever before!