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Delia students partner with Children’s Cottage in wake of Charlottesville violence

Published Thursday, October 19, 2017

After the tragic deaths and violence in Charlottesville, VA and subsequent cities across North America, four Delia students are taking positive action. On Oct. 18, students from Delia High School are taking part in The Inclusivity Project — helping the underserved through donations and volunteering at Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery.

Erin Bergman, one of the four Grade 10 students participating in this project with the Children’s Cottage says she didn’t realize how many marginalized people there were in our community until she learned more about the Children’s Cottage.

“The Children’s Cottage is the perfect place to do this project because we feel no kid should go without the things they need or be put in a situation that’s not good for them,” she says.

The Children’s Cottage has served marginalized populations for over three decades. In 2016, the Crisis Nursery served:

  • 800 families
  • 77 per cent parenting alone
  • 96 per cent low income families
  • 56 per cent recent immigrants

During their visit to the Crisis Nursery, Erin and her group donated hundreds of diapers. Although the young group didn't realize it until they arrived, diapers were the best item they could bring! When all children at the Crisis Nursery are in diapers, we go through nearly 700 diapers per week, and nearly 3,000 per month. 

Erin and her group are scheduled to present their final project, including a video and presentation, on Monday, Oct. 23. Of all the groups participating in the project, the team with the most impactful project will win experience classes, cultural experiences and tourous throughout the city of Abu Dhabi from Nov. 11 to Nov. 25.

We wish these wonderful students the best of luck. They've already made a massive impact in their community and has reminded us all about how much inclusivity of all forms matters in Calgary!