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Help families like Jackson's find permanent, safe housing

Published Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Last year was a bad year for my family. We had to move out of our house and spent some time living with my auntie, but it was really crowded. My mom and my school councilor found a Children’s Cottage Society program for families like us. It’s called Brenda’s House. It was a place a place we could all stay together as a family.

“When we got to Brenda’s House, we got our own room and access to computers, a kitchen and nurse even came by to give us check-ups. They helped my mom find a house. In our two months there, volunteers came in to celebrate the holidays, like Christmas and Halloween. We were there for my birthday, and I had a huge party with all the friends I made there.

We’re in our new home now and not there anymore, but I still talk to friends that I made there all the time. Our new house is pretty great, but I miss Brenda’s House and my friends sometimes.”

- Jackson, 13