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Children’s Cottage Society (CCS) works to ensure every child can experience a healthy, happy childhood within a well-supported family. 

Our mission to assist families in crisis has been challenged. In 2019, CCS regrettably turned away 1,915 children. Far too many children and their families did not receive help when they needed it because we did not have enough space and resources. A new Child and Family Centre in the Montgomery community of Calgary is our vision to provide optimal support for families through expanded space and the ability to work collaboratively with other organizations within one convenient location. 

1,900 Reasons to Give will ensure we never turn away another child in need. 

CCS has privately raised $12.7 million for the construction. We still have $12.8 million to raise before we reach our goal and begin to make larger strides in helping children and their families. Out of this $12.8 million, $1.75 million will be directly matched by an anonymous Calgary donor to build the Child and Family Centre. This means we need to raise $1.75 million in donations to successfully have these funds matched. 

Children’s Cottage Society needs your help! This year, most of our key fundraising events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are graciously asking our supporters and the community to join us to realize our vision. The 1,900 Reasons to Give surrounds the number 1,900 to honour the children we had to turn away in 2019. Supporting 1,900 Reasons to Give is an accessible and inclusive fundraising initiative to ensure that as many people as possible have the amazing opportunity to be involved in this project. We are asking individuals to use this symbolic number to structure their donation goal based on their ability to give. This can look like:

  • $19
  • $190
  • $1,900
  • $19,000
  • $190,000

Donations can be made in several convenient ways:

  • Online at How to Donate
  • By phone. Call 403-283-4200
  • By email at 
  • Teams raising donations can register and track their progress using the Artez peer-to-peer fundraising program at

Children in Calgary deserve to thrive within a healthy and happy family. Join us and be one of the 1,900 Reasons to GiveDonate today!

For more information, please send an email to: