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Brenda's House


We continue to accept families facing homelessness and we will make every attempt to house them as quickly as possible. All families are required to answer AHS screening questions in order to determine if they can access shelter space. Children’s Cottage Society works hard to support parents following social distancing rules so that Calgary’s vulnerable children and families remain safe and healthy. The structure we have in place exceeds social distancing guidelines directed by AHS. If families require isolation, we will work with the family to determine a safe solution.

Important changes have been made regarding Child Development:

• The Child Development room is closed until further notice.
• Childcare supports are, however, available for emergencies. The Child Development Team Lead or Program Manager must authorize all childcare.


In 2009, Brenda's House opened with the generous help of the owner, the Brenda Strafford Foundation. The donated space located in SW Calgary enables Children's Cottage Society to operate an emergency shelter for 14 families at a time. Families can be together in a safe, home-like environment that includes their own bathroom, they have access to on-site laundry facilities and each day we ensure everyone receives three healthy meals and snacks.


  • Families with children younger than age 18 who are facing homelessness
  • Families with nowhere to turn for shelter


  • 24-hour, non-judgmental support and assistance for families of all sizes
  • Help to develop and manage a plan, and connect you to resources to help you find safe, affordable and permanent housing 
  • Extended stays in a safe and nurturing environment that includes a private room equipped with furniture, linens and a bathroom
  • Healthy, balanced and nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • On-site childcare support which allows you time to connect with resources to find permanent housing  
  • Access to volunteer-driven recreation and support services including financial management and parenting courses, after-school tutors for your children and various family-friendly activities
  • Assistance from Support Workers for information and referrals to community resources to achieve permanent housing


These Case Management programs are available to families who are experiencing homelessness. Families must be referred through a shelter or through SORCE (403-617-4183 or 403-608-5559). Our Case Management programs provide ongoing support to families to help them build the social networks and skills needed to remain housed. They provide goal-setting support and resource connection. All meetings with parents will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Please note families must be referred through the Community Assessment process.


This homelessness prevention program can support families with one-time financial support along with coaching and connection to community resources in order to ensure that families remain in their own homes and can avoid a shelter stay.

  • HomeBridge can also work to divert families out of the shelter where appropriate.
  • Capacity in this program varies based on needs and resources.
  • All meetings with families will occur by phone or through Zoom meeting.

Please note families can contact us directly.


Call Brenda’s House support line at 403.242.8575 extension 0 and one of our Key Workers will help you find immediate shelter if you are homeless at the time of your call. If you are still housed when you call, we will direct you to the resources that will help prevent you from becoming homeless.


If you're interested to donate items please see the "Gift in Kind Donations" section on our How to Donate page. Thank you for your consideration.

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