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Building Together

We aim to serve 8850 more children

The potential of our new building goes far beyond bricks and mortar. It’s an investment in children and families now and for years to come. This 35,000 sq. foot, three-story Child and Family Centre located in the northwest community of Montgomery will expand and enhance the support services and program opportunities we offer for Calgary families.

Services and Amenities

  • A 20-bed Crisis Nursery
  • A Family Resource Centre
  • Therapeutic Child Development Programs
  • Parenting Skills Development Programs
  • Support Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Children’s Cottage’s Community Programs

The new Centre will be an addition to Children’s Cottage Society’s current locations and resources to address the urgent and growing need for our services in the community.

We’re excited and honoured to work alongside respected agencies such as CUPS, Families Matter, Calgary Counselling Centre, Calgary Reads and many more. The convenience of integrated, collaborative expertise of these organizations under one roof will benefit countless vulnerable children and create long-lasting, healthy outcomes. 

Where are we now?

  • Land purchased in the community of Montgomery
  • Land has been cleared and prepared
  • Secured SAHURI + Partners Architecture Inc.
  • Secured Target Project Management Inc.
  • Created a design plan for the new Centre
  • Development plan approved
  • Blessing of land completed
  • Building permit approved

Together we can build this amazing opportunity for Calgary’s children and families. Donate today!

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