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Working Together

We will provide optimal support for children and families through collaborative services from multiple agencies in one location.

During our 34-year history, Children’s Cottage Society (CCS) has proudly worked alongside many partner agencies to provide excellence in care for children and families in crisis. The Child and Family Centre will create a unique and innovative opportunity to enhance and strengthen these relationships for the benefit of those we serve.

Benefits for Children and Families in Crisis

  • Welcoming environment with dedicated spaces for programs and services
  • Convenient access to CCS and partner agency programs from one location
  • Collaborative services enables a faster response so we can work with parents when they are more receptive to getting help

Benefits for Collaborating Agencies

  • Cooperative and integrated work relationships among agencies in one location
  • Adaptable and flexible work spaces
  • Specially designed areas support various agencies’ needs
  • Potential for additional partnerships if required

Let’s work together and create this innovative opportunity for Calgary’s children and families. Donate today!  

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