Hope’s Cradle

Infant Safe Surrender Site

Calgary’s first Infant Safe Surrender Site, the Hope’s Cradle, is now available at our Child & Family Centre.

Located at: 1804 Home Road NW, Calgary Alberta


The Hope’s Cradle is a safe and anonymous surrender site. Parents can surrender an infant without having to interact with anyone. Provided the infant shows no signs of abuse or neglect, the parent’s privacy is protected.

This life saving alternative ensures that infants will have the opportunity to grow up in a safe and supportive environment, when a parent feels unsafe and makes the difficult decision that they cannot keep their baby.

The cradle is located to the left of the main entrance of the Children’s Cottage facility located in the community of Montgomery.

Here is how to use the Hope’s Cradle:

  • Bring your baby to 1804 Home Road NW, Calgary Alberta. This area of the city is easily accessible by Calgary transit. For more information, go to:
  • You will find the Hope’s Cradle a few feet to the left of the main building entrance. Open the door and place your baby in the bassinet inside the Cradle space.
  • Please take the envelope you find inside the cradle, there is information enclosed to support your own wellbeing. You can leave a letter for the baby and/or a special item for the baby if you want.
  • Securely close the door. The door will auto-lock ensuring the safety of the baby. You will have a few seconds to leave before staff are alerted and they check the cradle. Our Centre is staffed 24-7.
  • Children’s Cottage staff will ensure your baby is secure and comforted, and contact first responders immediately.

We understand this was not a decision made lightly and honour your decision.

For information on how to get a Hope's Cradle in your community, contact Gems for Gems
Visit Gems for Gems website