Family Mental Health & Wellness

Consultation and support around mental and emotional wellbeing for the whole family
Our new Centre features Family Mental Wellness services, and support is available for parents and children to address their mental health concerns.

The Children’s Cottage has also become a partner in the City of Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy to provide timely community support to parents experiencing a mental health crisis.

Parents can access immediate support by phone when they are in a mental health crisis, and talk with one of our Connections team members about their situation and kind of the help they are looking for, for themselves and their family. Parents will be provided with assistance to navigate the Calgary system of support and connect with mental health and/or addiction services that will meet their unique needs, including cultural needs.

If parents also need a safe place for their children while accessing support and dealing with their crisis situation, we can connect them to our Crisis Nursery where they can receive 72 hours of respite care for children newborn to age nine.

If a member of your family is experiencing a mental health crisis, contact 403-233-CARE (2273).