Legacy Giving

Our Future and Yours
The Children’s Cottage Society has been building resilient children through healthy families for close to four decades and we are committed to continuing our mission far into the future. Can we invite you to be there with us?

Have you ever considered planning a Legacy Gift that will support the children and families after you are gone?     

Planning to leave a legacy gift is an act of profound kindness and foresight. A Legacy gift to the Children’s Cottage Society is a testament to your belief in importance that all children deserve a chance to grow and thrive, surrounded by care and encouragement. And the Children's Cottage Society extends its deepest gratitude that you would consider such a meaningful gesture. 

But what about my loved ones? This is a very common question asked when considering a legacy gift to charity.

By leaving a legacy gift, does that mean there will be less to give to my loved ones? The truth is you can make a legacy gift without taking away from the gifts left to your family and friends. The Canadian government has created valuable tax incentives to encourage Canadians to leave legacy gifts. When you leave a legacy gift, your estate receives a tax receipt for the full value of the gift, which adds a tax credit to your final income tax return. That credit can minimize taxes to the government and help maximize the value of the residual for your beneficiaries.