Family Resource Network

Build skills, access resources
The Family Resource Network is a provincial initiative that ensures every community in the province has a place where families can go to access supports.

The preventative nature of this program supports families to build skill and resources as a way to help them avoid interactions with Children’s Services. The model is described as a Hub and Spoke where the Hub consists of a bricks and mortar location that families can call or visit to access support. Families typically receive support around child development, parenting and community connections. These supports can be described as universal, targeted or intensive.

The role of the Hub is to meet families, conduct an assessment and then connect them to ongoing supports through Spoke programs. Each Hub has official Spoke programs that are part of a formal working relationship and then often develops additional collaborations that can provide supports to families. The official spoke partners for the Children's Cottage Society Hub in West Calgary are as follows:

  • CCS Home Visitation – supports for families with children 6 years old and younger
  • Families Matter – parenting programs, workshops, and classes
  • Kindred – Rapid Access Counselling for parents, children, and family units
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters – Mentoring programs for children
  • Hull, Resilient Families – in home parenting support for families with older children

Programs Categories

Parenting & Child Development

Includes events such as parenting programs, early literacy programs, development programming, and youth programming.

Social Connections

Includes field trips, summer camps, drop in play and more.

Resources & Support

includes clothing exchanges, giveaways, Good Food Box, Community Pantry and more. 

Family Events

Includes pot lucks, seasonal gatherings, dinners and more.

Community Events

Includes community-based activities such as Neighbor day, Stampede, food week and more.

Upcoming Events

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For information on family sessions and registration for events, please call 403-830-3153 or email