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The Children’s Cottage Society is fundraising to build a new 35,000-square-foot Child and Family Centre in the northwest Calgary community of Montgomery.

Over the past decade, the Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery has had to turn away more children than it has been able to help due to lack of space. The new facility will house an additional 20-bed crisis nursery, and will provide a range of programs and services in one convenient location.

Together we will ensure children will be cared for during a family crisis. Donate Today! 


Children's Cottage Society made a promise to support families in crisis but we are unable to respond to the growing need for help with our existing space and resources. 

The Crisis Nursery turns away 1,900 children a year. Unfortunately this issue is growing and needs urgent attention.

Recent research in the area of brain development, together with Children's Cottage own outcome evaluation findings has shed new light and understanding on the effects of toxic stress on children’s brains and the potential impact on their future development and lifelong well-being. Prolonged stress is associated with higher incidences of social, emotional and physical challenges, and supports the need for additional resources to help to alleviate this issue.

Parents without other means of support during worrisome, anxious and difficult times need a place to access prevention programs and support services in an effort to buffer their children from the impact that repetitive toxic stress exposure causes. Children's Cottage Society will provide relief and shelter from these affects. 

We rely on the generosity of people just like you. Help us make our vision to better serve children and families in crisis in our community through a new Crisis Nursery and Family Support Centre.

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