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Changed Lives - Testimonial



Amida and Andreas and their children Adesh and Leela are new to Canada and to Calgary. The family was renting basement suite, but the landlord decided to sell the property. At the same time, Andreas lost his job. While they looked for housing, they stayed at Brenda’s House. Andreas sought employment and a Housing Coach helped the family find an affordable place to live. Through developmental screening at the Child Development program, they discovered that Leela has some development delays which they can now address. Adesh is still able to go to school with his friends every day. The children are safe, healthy and protected from the enormous stress of homelessness.


Since 1987, Children's Cottage Society works to provide children and their families with the support they need to get through a crisis.

In keeping with our vision "Resilient children blossom in healthy families", we run several outcome-focused programs. One of the vital outcomes of the work that we do is "build strong children and safe nurturing families".

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Jenny was a participant in the Healthy Families program. She went from "rock bottom" with her family being apart to "right on top" with her family connected and strong. Jenny is now in a post-secondary program studying how to assist families and children in need.