Help Change the Picture

For many children, stress is hard to verbalize so they will give you a “picture” that tells you everything is fine. However, given the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment often reveals a different “picture”.

When families are in crisis and parents have nowhere to turn, the Children's Cottage Crisis Nursery, offers a 24/7, 365 day safe haven where children can take a break from stressful situations, and are given nurturing care while their parents receive the help they need. 

With your financial support, we can “Change the Picture” for the children we serve, and build a community of Safe Children in Healthy Families. Click here to donate now.

What's Happening

Earlier this week, we hosted one of our long-time friends — the Calgary Real Estate Board Charitable Foundation (CREB) – for a wonderful day of philanthropy and volunteering at the Crisis Nursery.

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We honoured the day at Brenda's House with crafts, dances and delicious food. Celebrating our clients' diverse cultures is always a treat for everyone!

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So many families have been turned on their heads because of this tragedy. Alberta Health Services has made this awesome resource for keeping families mentally safe, too.

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